World Wide Gospel - About Us - Rev. Dr. C. V. Andrews
Jul 4, 2020 
2433 Candlewood Way, Lawrenceville, GA 30044, U.S.A.
Phone: 770-237-9442 (Office), 770-237-2031 (Residence), 678-472-4224 (Cell)
A Brief Bio
Bishop C.V. Andrews was born into an Orthodox Syrian Christian Family in India. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior in 1958, baptized in 1960, was baptized by the Holy Spirit in 1968. As he received a special call to SACRED Ministry he enrolled in a Bible College run by Church of God in Tennessee and graduated.
Faithfully served God and have ministered for almost 40 years, both in India and in the United States. During this time, have planted 22 churches across various states in North India and have brought many souls to Christ through prayerful life and Ministry.
  • Doctor of Divinity (Honorary Degree - June 1, 2007) - Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies
  • Graduated from Mount Zion Bible College (1968 - 1970), Mulakkuzha, Kerala
Current Positions
  • Ordained Bishop of the Church of God since 1982
  • Senior Pastor of Atlanta Church of God, Georgia since 1999. (
  • Founder and President of Worldwide Gospel, Inc., established in 2001 to spread the Gospel around the world, to minister through social services, and to plant churches, especially among people of Indian origin. (
  • Founder and President of Every Home Bible School (EHBS), established in 2005, an interdenominational center for online theological studies, offering systemized training program available to students around the world in audio format. EHBS also maintains academic standards in teaching, writing, and spiritual training for Christian leadership and continuing education for those who already engaged in ministry. (
Previously Held Positions
  • District Overseer of Church of God, Northern Zone, India
  • President, North American Church of God (India) Fellowship
  • Organizer, Mahanaim Evangelistic Crusade
  • Council Member of Church of God, Central India
  • National Secretary, North American Church of God (India) Fellowship
  • State Coordinator, Church of God congregations of Indian community in the State of Florida, USA
  • Executive Committee Member of the North American Church of God
  • Executive Committee Member of Pentecostal Conference of North American Keralites
  • Ministered among various ethnic communities of various Indian castes and languages in various parts of India.
  • Had the privilege to plant and pastor several churches in the following locations:
    Lakeland, FL, USA 1988-1999
    New Delhi, IN 1982-1988
    Bombay, Maharastra, IN 1977-1982
    Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, IN 1976-1977
    Nagpur, Maharastra, IN 1974-1976
    Durgapur, West Bengal, IN 1972-1973
    Jagadalpur, Madhya Pradesh, IN 1970-1971
    Keekozhur Ranni, Kerala, IN 1968-1970
Other Ministerial Involvement
  • Since 2001, has prepared and distributed thousands of audio tapes, CDs, and DVDs containing inspirational gospel messages and music to people around the world.
  • Ministered in several countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America as speaker for conventions and conferences.
  • Well versed in biblical prophecy , especially in interpreting the Book of Revelations. Have conducted classes in several churches, bible schools, colleges, conferences and conventions. Currently teaching online through Everyhome Bible School ( in Real Audio format and in the Global Messenger from London ( in articles. There are about 150 lessons already available at
  • Published articles and publications through various gospel magazines and periodicals.